Sunday, November 3, 2013

July 2013

4th of July fireworks! (and socks)

Smiling faces at breakfast...and some silly hair!

Blueberry picking went well this year.  Alex helped some but also ate some ripe (and not so ripe) berries.  Mitch had his own bucket and did a great job!

Mitch's 5th birthday was at the end of this month.  He and another friend, Alexa (who has the same birthday as he does) and her sister, Terra, had a combined pool party the week before his actual b-day.  Above is Alex after falling through the pool chair slats.  Below is the cake.

Alexa is in the pink, Terra is in the stripes.  They were excited but tired from all the swimming so I didn't really catch it on film!

Mitch and Sarianne
 (a friend of his who is the daughter of a friend of mine from work!)

Mitch also shares his birthday with another friend, Jane who turned 2 this year.  She had a party at the splash park in the morning.

This is the best picture I have of the birthday kiddos.

The afternoon of his birthday was Sunday Parkways in our neighborhood where the city closes the streets to allow bikers to ride freely.  There are lots of parks that have fun activities to do.  Mitch, Matt, Gillian and her parents rode while Alex and I stayed home (Alex was napping).

Here are a few pictures of Mitch's cake this year.  He wanted a cupcake and party balloons and got to help decorate.

Also this month, Mitch lost his two middle bottom teeth.  The first one came out at school when he was playing with friends outside.  That was on July 18th, just 10 days before his 5th birthday.  The second one came out 2 days later while he was eating dinner.  You can see the big hole in his smile in this picture!

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