Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Playing Outside

10 months old! I forgot to post the stats from his 9 month appt. so here they are a month late:
height 29" (77th percentile)
weight 19lbs 13oz (30th percentile)

The weather in Portland has been beautiful lately, 80s during the day and sunny! We've been hanging out outside and just playing in the grass. Ahhhh, summer is beginning!

Mitch and dad crawling over to the bush to look at the flowers.

Family portrait (though we couldn't figure out how to all look at the camera at the same time!)

Mitch still loves playing inside too...

...and so do the cats once Mitch is sleeping!

Here he is trying to feed himself. If you look closely you can see the spoon he's supposed to be using on the floor behind the high chair.

We met up with some friends for dinner and Mitch and Jordan got along very well. There were lots of hugs and hand-holding.

Mitch just chillin' on the slide at the park.

Happy boy

Mitch loves the dog toy for some reason. We were trying to keep it away from him but then decided to see what he would do with it. He doesn't understand how to throw it for her yet but has a great time just holding onto it while she licks his hands! (we still have to take it away when he tries to eat it...oh well.)