Friday, January 11, 2013

December 2012

Alex at 8 months!

 Mitch using one of our baby slings to carry his baby doll.

 Playing under the table.

 Merry Christmas!  Here are our "after church" pictures

 Christmas morning.  Matching Christmas pj's for the boys.

 This is what our living room looked like at the end of the day.  If you can believe it, Matt and I still had lots of presents to open (for ourselves and for Alex) after the kids went to bed!

 Rolling around on the floor/smushing dad

 Aunt Caron got Mitch a paper plate bug craft kit and while Mitch was making some of them we found these giant googly eyes.  We all got a turn wearing them before we used them for the intended purpose-a lady bug.

November 2012

 Alex at 7 months.  It's getting harder and harder to take a clear picture of him now that he knows he can move around!

 The best part about helping make Green Jello Salad for Thanksgiving

October 2012

Alex at 6 months old.  This month he learns to crawl!  
The next few pics are just ones I liked, no events, just hanging out at home.

 The hospital I work at had its 100 year anniversary and they had all sorts of emergency vehicles that the kids got to go in.  Mitch got to sit in the Life Flight helicopter...

 ...and the fire truck.  He also was in an ambulance but I didn't get a great picture of this.

 Silly, silly

 This year we went to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends; here's Mitch and Elliot riding the hay ride to go get the pumpkins.

 Matt, Alex and I were sitting behind the bigger boys on the hayride and Josh and Brooke were up front.

 Alex's first Halloween, trick-or-treating as a bumblebee.  This is the best picture we could get as the poor kid had an ear infection!
 Mitch loved being Spiderman!

 We went trick-or-treating with Gillian again.  This is now a tradition and I hope to do it every year!  We'll see what happens when Alex starts to have an opinion...

Spiderman loves Minnie Mouse

September 2012

Alex at 5 months

 For Labor Day weekend we rented a house that belongs to one of Matt's friends at the beach (Seaside).  Mitch had a great time playing in the sand and the ocean.

 ...and loving his little brother, as always.

 The tricky thing here was to let Alex play in the sand without actually eating any of it.

 Five and a half months...first solid food!

 Silly play times