Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just hanging out

It's been pretty sunny lately in Portland so today Matt got Mitch some sunglasses. We had the hat from a few weeks ago. How cool does he look?

Mitch discovered the dog food and had a fun time putting handfuls of it in the water bowl and all over the floor. Surprisingly he didn't try to eat any of it. I'm sure that will come soon enough.

Mitch went to the park with a few of his friends last weekend when we had beautiful weather. Here he is on the teeter-totter with his friend, Elliot.

Dad took him down the big kid slide-I don't think he gets it just yet.

Mitch and mom

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mitchell's movie debut

This is Mitch learning to crawl...we built towers of cups for him to knock over in different parts of the room which worked as good motivation. This was taken last week and already he's much faster and more coordinated. Hopefully we can post a new video soon!

This is just about the best sound I've ever heard. Mitch loves very dramatic movements and silly surprises as you can see in this video!

On the move...

I can't believe I haven't posted anything in so long. Life gets busy and we've been taking pictures but not putting them on the computer until much later. Anyway, things are good with us, Mitch is still a happy baby, moving more and more each day. Well, enough talk, here are the pics!

These first two pictures are courtesy of my friend, Ella. She came over and took a bunch of pictures for us and they all turned out so cute! If you want to see a few more, check out her website at

Mitch and Dad reading together...this is one of Mitch's new favorite books called Big Little

Here's Mitch sleeping very soundly in his crib...this was his 2nd nap of the day (over 2 hours each) and we had to wake him up! I liked his leg position and of course his cute little face!

Mitch is learning to crawl and in doing so he trapped himself in his exersaucer!

Dad and Mitch relaxing on the couch

Happy little boy!

Here's Mitch at 7 months

...and here he is at 8 months. His new talents are waving, clapping and crawling--getting faster by the day.