Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arctic Blast!

So, today was a snow day...I was supposed to go to work but we got so much snow yesterday and the top layer is ice so it wasn't very safe to drive. Since it doesn't snow very often in the city there are few (if any) snow plows or trucks to put gravel down. So instead of working I got to play with Mitch and Matt in the snow. Here's our family self-portrait.

Even though we broke through the ice layer by just standing on it, Mitch doesn't weigh enough yet; so we were able to lay him down on top of the ice to take some pics! I really wanted to make a snowman but the snow underneath the ice was not good packing snow; no snow angels either!

This picture gives a good idea of what the ice was like (by my feet).

Little Bear

Charlotte had a lot of fun playing in the snow (before the ice formed on top)

Here are just a few shots of what the street and our house looked like. Compare to just a few days earlier with the last posting of the first snow! What a difference!

We tried to put Charlotte's jacket on so she could play again, but with the ice on top she was a little freaked out! At least she looks cute!

Snow in the city!

Snuggle time with Mom

On the floor playtime with Dad

So, it's been rather cold in Portland lately and we had some snow in the city last week. You can see from the pictures that it's not too much but for Portland any accumulation is not typical. So, we were pretty excited to show Mitch the snow. He has an adorable snow suit that was given to us by his friend, Travis. It's a little big now, but it sure keeps him warm. In fact, I wish they made these in adult sizes!

Mitch's first encounter with snow

Mitch and Dad in the backyard

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Four Months old!

Here's Mitchell's 4 month picture. He went to the doctor that same day, here are the stats:
height: 26.25 inches (90th percentile)
weight: 14 lbs, 14 oz (50th percentile)
cuteness factor: off the charts!

Mitchell's first Thanksgiving

Here we are-our family picture from Mitch's first turkey day...we're in the bathroom because Mitch was a little overstimulated and we needed to give him a bath but wanted to commemorate the day on film!

Who's bigger?
(the turkey weighed a few pounds more, but next year I think Mitch will win!)

Since we were all together with Matt's side of the family for Thanksgiving we decided to have Christmas with them as well...Mitch seemed to like the wrapping paper.

Here's Matt and his dad playing rock 'em sock 'em with Christmas pens (they were supposed to be for Evan and Annie!)

Grandma Geiger makes the Cookie Christmas Tree every year with the grandkids-Mitch couldn't participate much this year but did manage to get together for a photo op!


While everyone was in town visiting we took the opportunity to take Mitch swimming in the hotel pool. He was a little unsure at first but after a while he seemed to get used to the water temperature and even enjoyed himself a little!

Thanks to Sheryl for the video from her camera!

Meeting the Oakleys

So, Mitch met more family recently...Matt's sister and family: Aunt Sheryl, Uncle Ron, and cousins Evan and Annie. He seemed to really like hanging out with everyone as you can see from the pics!

Aunt Sheryl provided a relaxing napping spot!

The Oakley family and Mitch

Mitch and cousin Annie

Cousin Evan and Mitch

While the Oakleys were in town, Grandma and Grandpa Geiger also came to day we took Mitch to daycare for a trial run (mostly for mom and dad's sake) and went hiking. We climbed to the top of Multnomah Falls and realized we were out of shape!

Mom and Dad's first day out without Mitch-we survived!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nothing special...still cute

It's been a while since I've posted but mainly because we've been busy and have a new computer that we had to put all the pictures on before I could get to them. So here are just a few that I thought were cute. Mitch cheering for the Packers (even though they lost that week-he's already a die-hard fan!)

This picture is kind of blurry but still pretty funny-Ginger found the bouncy chair and now takes over whenever Mitch is not sitting in it...she even tries to join him at times when he IS in it and meows as if it was her chair to begin with!

Mitch is enjoying more and more toys these days and can entertain himself for a little to allow mom and dad to eat a meal or check email. He's getting a lot better about not needing to be held all the time although would probably still prefer it. This is a hungry caterpillar toy from Aunt Beth.

Reading with mom...sometimes Mitch gets frustrated that he can't pick the pictures off the page but he seems to like to be read to at night before bedtime. You will also notice in these pics that he wears bibs because he is a fountain of drool lately!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This is Mitch's Halloween outfit (other than his costume) says "so cute it's scary"!

Evan as a wizard

Princess Gabrielle and Purple Princess Butterfly Samantha

Matt with Mitch and Evan before trick-or-treating

So, we took the kids to Kennedy School for trick-or-treating...there were LOTS of people there and Mitch's eyes were bugged out for quite a while. We got lots of comments on the Smarties costume-everyone loved it and we didn't see anyone else wearing the same thing!

Here's the full length shot of Mr. Smarties himself.

Too much excitement...but a good first Halloween!

Aunt Caron's visit

So the last of Kate's sisters, Caron, came to meet Mitchell along with his cousins, Gabrielle and Evan. Everybody had a great time although it did feel like a madhouse at times! Here is a totem pole picture with Mitch, Gabrielle and Kate!

Aunt Caron, mom and Mitch

Caron, Kate, Gabrielle and Evan went to the Children's Museum while Mitch and dad got some much needed rest. It was lots of fun but very overstimulating at times!

Here's Caron putting face paint on Gabrielle...

...and Gabrielle taking her turn decorating Caron's face!

Another trip we took was to Oregon City to the End of the Oregon Trail. It was interesting to see the historical things, however I always love these wooden cutouts! Here are Evan and Gabrielle.

Mitch didn't want to be left out so he asked if mom would pose with him!

Gabrielle definitely had fun playing with Mitch and he seems to be liking it too!

Multnomah Falls was a big hit especially with Evan. Everyone walked up to the bridge and Evan probably would have gone all the way to the top if we would have let him! Mitch looked at the trees mostly but was awake the whole time! Evan and Gabrielle posed nicely inside this tree.

Kate, Mitch and Gabrielle at the bottom of the falls.

Gabrielle also seemed to have a good time meeting Charlotte and throwing her ball in the back yard.