Saturday, January 30, 2010

Halloween, Christmas, 18-month b-day, etc!

So, Mitch is 18 months old and we wanted to take another elephant picture to compare how big he's gotten! I've been quite the posting slacker so now I have lots of pictures from many months that are all going in this post.

Say "Cheese!"

Mitch and mom

Mitch playing with his friend Travis


Matt gave Mitch his old cell phone, he loves pushing all the buttons and adding new contacts-it's a good thing he can't actually call anyone on it!

A few weeks ago we finally moved Mitch out of the alcove upstairs and into his own room. Here is a portion of it-we painted the walls and the tree and the birds are decal stickers.

A few days after Christmas it snowed in Portland. It came down and collected pretty quickly. It was awesome packing snow so we threw snowballs for the dog and made snowmen. Mitch loved throwing the snow but didn't quite understand how to not have it stick to his mittens!

Mitch playing with some of his Christmas presents. Mom and MItch cutting a wooden tomato...

Mitch playing in his tunnel...

...wearing the hat Mom knit for him.

Neither Matt nor I did this as kids but we decided we wanted to start a tradition of decorating gingerbread houses each Christmas. Mitch had fun putting the candies on and didn't even lick too much frosting (we kept calling it glue!)

Christmas Eve after church

Visiting Santa at the mall. The first few pictures they took were not so happy, then Matt sat with him and we made lots of funny faces to get to this point!

Just playing...

Mitch and Dad

We went trick-or-treating in the dorms at a local college-it was perfect: indoor, enough candy and fast! Mitch was pretty much overwhelmed and didn't utter a word the whole time!

Mitch as sock monkey

Putting on the Halloween costume.

The top pumpkin was Matt's, the middle one Kate's. The bottom one we had Mitch draw with a marker on the pumpkin, then Matt did a connect the dots sort of thing to get the pattern.

Carving pumpkins after Mitch went to bed.

Picking out pumpkins at the farm...Mitch had more fun pulling (or trying to pull) the wagon around. He basically loves anything with a long handle that he can push or pull.

Here's a video of Mitch...he likes to watch Mom put on makeup and has his own brush to play with. You will see he doesn't always just put it on his face.