Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More play time

Mitch and Elliot had a chance to hang out last Saturday; even though it was a bit wet we still took a wagon ride to the park. They did a pretty good job of sharing space in the wagon!


The teeter-totter was a big hit with both boys-we balanced perfectly with moms and boys on each side.

Matt and Mitch went to the airport to watch planes and play a bit. Above, Mitch at the end of a moving walkway which he apparently ran back and forth on many times. Below, Mitch drinking "coffee" on the train (actually water).

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Mitch is such a snuggler! Here he is doing just that with Ginger (and we greatly appreciate her tolerance of it!)

Painting his pumpkin for Halloween

Mitch is now in a regular bed! He was so excited to sleep with a pillow and a big blanket! The transition has been good so far and the bed rail (even though not the cutest) has been a good reminder for where the edge of the bed is!

Mitch really wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year. Thanks to our friends we were able to take a frog costume and doctor it up with accessories from a dinosaur puppet and voila! Mitchosaurus!

Practicing his roar

We went trick-or-treating in the dorms at one of the local colleges with Mitch's friend, Gillian. Mitch was really excited before and had lots of fun afterwards but was pretty overwhelmed while inside. He needed some coaxing to go up to the doors and didn't utter the phrase "trick or treat" even though he had practiced many times at home! I think this might be the only picture we have of the entire back of the costume.

Mitch and Gillian


Mitch and dad downtown after dropping off our voting ballots

There are a bunch of bronze statues of animals downtown and here is Mitch, petting one of the deer.

He also decided he wanted to ride the deer and "hold on ears"