Sunday, May 18, 2008

Babymoon 2008

Matt and I decided to take a 3-day weekend to Bend, OR. It's in the middle of the state, about 3 and a half hours from Portland. We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast as you can see from the picture!

We went to a rock museum...this guy collected rocks from all over the state and made many sculptures with them. This is only a small sampling. Also, there were peacocks and chickens running around!

We also went for a hike while in Bend at Smith Rock State Park. It was more strenuous than we imagined although the name of the trail was Misery Ridge. We had to take lots of breaks while hiking up the switchbacks. At the top is a rock formation called Monkey Face where there were a lot of people rock climbing. Then we took the "easy" way down which was 2.5 miles. It was all worth it in the end with the views that we had!