Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day to day happenings

Family self-portrait.

Pre-bath with Dad.

Mitch now likes to face out when playing so he can see the world.

Tummy time with Mom

This was one of many pictures taken while Mitch was sitting on Mom's lap. He likes to lick things and by the time we were tired of this position my leg was all wet!

Meeting Aunt Beth

The next Aunt to visit was Beth, Kate's sister who lives in Philadelphia. Mitch seemed very fond of her as you can see from the pictures; they had lots of fun playing and Beth was a big help in calming him down when he wasn't happy, giving mom and dad a little break!

Playtime on the couch.

Mitch seems a little unsure with crazy mom and aunt Beth closing in for a picture.

Napping is always better on someone's lap. Lately the crib has been a challenge for Mitch to stay asleep for longer than 10 minutes. This shows his preferred method!

A sleepy goodbye in the morning before Beth left for the airport. We'll miss you!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The past few weeks

It's been a few weeks since I've posted anything, no real good excuse except that babies are demanding! Anyway, not too much is new with us but here are some cute pics to look at!

Mitchell now takes his bath in the bathtub instead of over the sink because he actually has fun and splashes water all over!

Self portrait of mom and Mitch

Mitch got this cute bear sweatshirt from his friend, Travis (who outgrew it long ago) but he really only wore it for 10 minutes before getting upset. We took some pictures to document however and mom thinks he's beary cute!

Here's Mitch on his 2 month birthday, posing with the elephant again...what a difference from the first month. Now he can help to sit up and even had a smile for the camera!

Just another cute picture (mom takes lots of them during the day). You can see the drool on his chin if you look closely!