Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fun with Friends

Last Saturday we went to a friend's b-day party. Mitch LOVED the slides and spent a lot of time climbing up and down, playing peek-a-boo and just being silly.

Here you can see a couple of the kids playing basketball and Mitch hammering the t-ball tee with a golf club. Maybe he's develping a new sport?

Mitch consoling Travis who fell and needed some Hello Kitty ice.

Earlier that day we met Elliot (and Brooke and Josh) in the Pearl district for the "Bunny Hop". There were supposed to be lots of kid friendly activities. Mitch didn't want to get his face painted like a bunny but we did stand in a very long line to get super fancy bunny ears (we're talking felt, headbands and hot glue guns) but as you can see, neither Mitch nor Elliot wanted to wear them so Brooke and I were the lucky winners!

Mitch did warm up to the bunny ears and wore them on the ride home and into the house.

Hugging the cat (Maizey). The cats are wonderfully tolerant of Mitch hugging and petting them and occasionally lying all the way on top of them.

Cool pic of a walk to the library on a nice sunny day!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing up

Riding on the Max train with dad. Mitch got to sit in his very own seat-he's getting to be such a big boy!

Mitch likes to play peek-a-boo with his bibs after he's done eating

"Cleaning" the paper bags

Drawing with a's getting hard to convince Mitch that paper is the best place to draw. He likes to try the refrigerator, the chair, the floor, etc. At least it's just pencil!

He also loves stickers-I'm guessing this fad will last a while!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hammin' it up

Mitch is a definite ham for the camera as you can see from the first few photos. He still loves to play in cardboard boxes and climb in/on/around things, hiding and playing peek-a-boo!

Singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" after wrapping up Zousha as a baby.

Visiting with friends Josh and Elliot-playing ball...

...eating snacks

Playing at Target-we can make anything a toy!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Outside time

During another trip to the zoo we explored a section that we had never been to before-Mitch was able to get up close to the ducks...

...and enjoyed the waterfalls. Little does he know how many there are in the Gorge!

Here's Mitch trying to help Charlotte get her ball out from under the couch.

Mitch at his friend, Jordan's 2nd birthday party

First time using a baseball bat

We went downtown last weekend since it was sunny and all the cherry blossom trees are blooming. There were a couple of guys throwing bread to the seagulls and we stood for a while just watching. Some of the birds were pretty good at catching pieces mid-air. Then the guys gave us a few pieces so Mitch could throw some (with Mom's help).

There was beautiful green grass to run around on but what does Mitch decide to play on? The inclined rocks. Hopefully as time goes on I'll get less paranoid and more used to his daredevil nature!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming!

I forgot the camera a lot this week so most of these pictures are from our phones. They might be a little grainy but the subject matter is still fantastic!

Playing at a new park after school

Climbing stairs has been a favorite activity for a while now. Recently Mitch has been able to start climbing without holding our hands. Matt took Mitch to Pioneer place with all these brick steps and he just kept going up and down. It's a great activity to wear him out!

Reading stories

Watching airplanes

We've had some sunny days recently and Mitch seems to understand that sunglasses help with the brightness. He didn't want to take them off when we got back inside so he pretended to cook with them on.

Mitch got his 2nd haircut last weekend-I think he looks very handsome, less like a baby and more like a little boy!

Hanging out with dad

Mitch loves balloons and was fortunate enough to be able to take one home from Trader Joe's

Blueberry hands and goatee!

I have to wake Mitch up a lot during the morning this is how he was sleeping. Sometimes I wish I could just crawl in the crib with him and sleep!