Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy Days

Well, I guess this last week we didn't do too much exciting but here are a few every day shots and a couple videos. Here we are reading a Christmas book (a little early)

Mitch really wanted to push mom on the swing and did a surprisingly good job!

"Baby Beluga"

Bicycling on the couch

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family Time

Mitch was standing at the sink, totally naked except for his sunglasses washing hands one day. Sometimes you just can't ask why with a 2 year-old!

Mitch and Elliot

New red wagon

Great-Grandma Werner passed away about a month ago. It was a sad time, but we got a chance to see a lot of family when we went back to Wisconsin for the memorial service. Here's Mitch sitting on a rug made by Great-Grandma

Mitch with cousins Evan and Annie

Making cookies with Grandma G and Annie

A leisurely stroll (it was actually really windy and a little cold!)

So, it wasn't super warm when we were there but the kids all wanted to go swimming. Mitch had a great time playing on the pier and with the water but needed some reassurance from dad to actually get in the water. He also wanted to see the "".

Hanging out on the boat

Evan, Annie, Mitch and "baby Abel" (3 weeks old here)

Mitch sort of fell in love with Annie while we were there and she was a fantastic babysitter!
They played with water on the pier and below, with glow sticks that Grandma found in a closet somewhere!

Mitch with (Matt's) cousin Tracy

Driving the boat with Grandpa G

More cousin time

We also got a chance to visit the other side of the family for a while. Here I am with Gabrielle

Mitch giving the other cousin Evan a big hug

The Mitchell side: Grandpa and Grandma M, Aunt Caron, Mom with Gabrielle and Evan with Mitch...Say "cheese!"