Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oops...more April pics

Here are some pictures from Easter, reading "Down by the Station" which is one of Mitch's favorite books (actually he's singing it). He was very excited when the Easter Bunny brought it for him!

We had some pretty nice sun coming through the windows that day, thought I should post a picture of one of our other children, Charlotte.

Playing on the play structure in the back yard

Out in the Gorge, looking at waterfalls


Dying Easter eggs was a pretty big hit though I think I was the only one who actually ate any of them!

Here's Mitch singing "Down by the Station" with a little help from Mom every now and then


Almost caught up

A few pictures from last month...making PB&J sandwiches to take to the zoo. Mitch has really been liking helping out in the kitchen lately and is pretty good at it! Not sure it makes things go any faster though...

At least half of the time Mitch goes to the bathroom he asks for "privacy", then calls Mom or Dad to say he's all done. When we walk in the bathroom, this is how we find him, hiding behind the shower curtain.

More Catch up pics

A few months ago we were told about a place in Portland that has all sorts of climbing, slides, etc. that is all indoors. Mitch loved it and we've been 3 or 4 times, it's a great place to go when it's raining. Here are just a few pictures of him playing, it was hard to get good ones because he was moving so fast!

Mitch came home from school one day with this star taped (with packing tape) to his shirt. It says "super helper" and he got it for being the kid who helped the most when cleaning up toys! Now it lives on our refrigerator and we let him wear it when he is being a super helper at home!

That same day, he and Matt picked me up at work. He likes to work on the computers when he comes to visit though I'm not sure what the sly look on the lower picture means!

Sidewalk chalk train!

Just a few cute pictures of everyday stuff

What a ham!