Thursday, April 29, 2010

April part 3

Matt and Mitch downtown

Playing with the music table in pj's

We apparently didn't take many pictures of fun stuff we did this last week, but I didn't want to keep our loyal fans waiting. So, not super exciting, but that's how life is sometimes! More to come (hopefully) next week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April part 2

Check out the bed head on the side of his hair!

Mitch took a hiatus from the airplane but for the last few days he's been loving it again!

We took another trip to the zoo-this time he got to pet the goats and loved it!

Here we are, another family self-portrait. On the way to the zoo we asked Mitch what animals he wanted to see and he said "jzas" which is Mitch-speak for giraffe. He repeated it over and over and over until we finally got to the section with the giraffes. There are 2 and they were both inside (one because of arthritis) but we watched them for quite some time. Then we moved on and ate a snack and had to go back to see them again! Is this giraffe obsession hereditary (grandma m)? Well, we had a good time but couldn't really get many good pictures of him looking at the giraffes. Maybe next time they'll be outside.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Mitch enjoying his first potato chip-BBQ flavor

Mitch and Elliot playing: Elliot was sweeping and Mitch was "vacuuming" with an old paper towel roll (one of his favorite past times).

We went to Pioneer Square last weekend and Mitch really liked watching the water fountains. But, when he got up close with Matt's help he didn't want to touch the water-maybe next time.

Making silly faces in the mirror with Dad after a bath

Mitch also likes to point out birds now and was pretty excited to get close to the pigeons--I don't think they were as excited to meet him!