Thursday, May 27, 2010

More May

Mitch and Elliot got to play together last one point they were running around and playing peek-a-boo without shirts on. Too cute!

Building with blocks. Mitch has gotten pretty good stacking them up but his favorite part is knocking them down!

Last week Matt had his final review for the thesis studio he's teaching. We decided to get all dressed up to meet him there.

Mitch also decided to practice some sweet dance moves before we left.

Mitch and dad all dressed up.

Mitch tried on my sandals (on the wrong feet).

We got caught in the rain for a while last weekend but Mitch didn't seem to long as we have crackers we usually do pretty well!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Play time

Last Saturday Mitch got to have a playdate with his best friend from his old school, Gillian. They had so much fun as you will see from the pictures and at the end they gave each other hugs and kisses! (Of course, I was not ready with the camera...maybe next time!)

Swinging on the big kid swings

Snack time worked out pretty well...Mitch really wanted Gillian's goldfish crackers and she liked the apples Mitch had. They both did such a great job sharing!

I am actually surprised that they went down this slide-it was probably the tallest one Mitch has been on. Gillian kept telling Mitch "come on Mushie"!


Holding hands and jumping on the bridge to the play structure

Talking on the phone on Sunday afternoon. We asked who he was calling and he said "Jzha Jzha" which we interpreted as Gillian (since he had just seen her the day before). When we said her name he got super excited and kept talking and saying her name into the phone. He also kept saying "more" Gillian.

This week Matt has his final review for his thesis class he's teaching. Mitch helped him set up the space on Tuesday. He worked so hard he got to take a snack break!

Today, Mitch got sick and needed to be picked up from daycare early (low fever, he's been coughing for days). I stayed home with him and he actually was in a pretty decent mood. He was pretty warm and wanted to take off all his clothes. He played and ate lunch in just a diaper. Here he is after crawling through the tunnel.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day etc.

These are flowers that Mitch made at school for me for mother's day-they're great because they'll last forever!

Mother's Day was the afternoon we drove to the Columbia River Gorge and went to see one of many waterfalls there called Bridal Veil. Mitch did a great job of walking back up to the car so I didn't have to carry him the whole way-it was uphill on rocks! Mitch loved the waterfall but kept reaching out to touch it. He doesn't quite get the concept of depth perception yet.

Family photo

Mitch was really cute--after waking up from his nap he decided to snuggle with me on the couch for a few minutes--best Mother's Day present ever!

Mitch (with some help from dad) made a krinkle block representation of me-here Mitch is laying on the floor and above he's hugging me!

Playing at a park

Trying out a new hat and loving the sunglasses

We were shopping at Fred Meyer the other day and there were flats of flowers outside. Mitch really wanted to touch them all but then I convinced him to only smell them. He smelled every flower he could reach and took much longer to get to the car!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Playing with Travis

Riding the train (light rail) with Dad

Being silly...

One of Mitch's favorite things to do lately is hide...he doesn't have many places, this is one of his favorites-behind his crib.

Running in Pioneer Square

Just got an "owie" from the dog stepping on his foot, just a few cuts from her nails. If you look closely you can see the band-aid on his right foot.

Last weekend we went to a barbecue with some of my friends from work. Here's Mitch tickling Lisa.

Walking down the sidewalk with Mom.

There was a park across the street from the house where the bbq was being held so we went and played for a while. Mitch actually seemed to enjoy the swing which he hasn't been a big fan of lately.