Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mom's birthday/Mitch's baptism weekend

So, our new favorite toys are large boxes that Mitch can crawl inside of.

Mitch and Mom playing outside. We've had beautiful weather lately with lots of sunshine.

Mitch turned 11 months old on my birthday...we couldn't get him to sit still very long but here he is holding his elephant that he usually poses next to.

He also was baptized on the same day and here he is sitting next to the elephant in his fancy schmancy outfit. We went out for breakfast after the baptism and this was the first time he was ever mistaken for a girl!!!

The oil in his hair from the baptism made for some excellent hair styles!

Here we are after church, Mitch with his page-boy hat!

The family by the baptismal font. Mitch didn't cry when he was baptized though did come close. The night before he got sunscreen in his eyes and we had to hold him down in the same position to flush his eyes out. I think he was a little scared we were going to do that again. He actually fussed more when we were trying to get him into this outfit!

Awesome cake for my birthday, made by my loving husband!

Playing inside the box for the microwave

More cardboard box fun

Summer time

Here's Mitch riding his first's a little big, though.

We got Mitch his very own bike helmet so we could all go for a nice ride on Father's day. Mitch was in the bike trailer and seemed to like it as long as we kept moving, otherwise he wanted to pull the helmet off.

Just a cute bath picture

At the park with Dad

Swinging is fun!

So one day when it was nice outside I thought Mitch might want to play with water since he's always splashing around in the can see how well that turned out!