Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot days/Mom time

A few weekends ago we had a couple of 100 degree weather days in a row. With no a/c we spent 2 of those afternoons playing in our "pool". Also, Matt was out of town for a few days so there are a lot of Mom and Mitch pics this time 'round.

Then on Monday, I tried to take Mitch to school so I could go to work and turns out he was not able to go because he had hand-foot-mouth disease (again!) and they wanted him to wait 1 more day. So...I got a 3 day weekend and my friend, Ally, Mitch and I went to the zoo!

Last weekend was my work picnic on the Sandy River. Mitch loved playing in the sand and it was also a great place to watch airplanes as they were flying pretty low. Here he is pointing one out to whoever would listen

This was taken only a few minutes before he decided to shove 2 handfuls of sand into his ears! I think we're still getting it out!

To get away from the sand hazard we went back up by the house and had some fun on this awesome tree swing!

Then, back down by the water, playing on chairs.

The following day we went to watch one of my friends in a triathalon. Mitch and I met Elliot, Josh and Brooke down by the river and Mitch and Elliot got to look for boats. They held hands for probably 10 minutes-super cute!

Kissing Charlotte

Snuggle time on the couch with Mom

Our budding photographer doing a portrait of Gordon. (okay, Matt held the camera but Mitch pushed the shutter and you have to start somewhere, right?)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August fun

Mitch attended one of his friends' from school's birthday party at Gymboree. He had a blast (though seemed a little overwhelmed at first). Here he is after jumping off a platform to land in 2 inner tubes stacked on top of each other with a parachute in the middle. Who thinks of this stuff?!

More parachute fun

Grandma and Grandpa M came for a visit last week. We were very busy and had a great time. Here's Mitch snuggling with them and reading books.

Good to know Grandpa can still compete with a 2 year-old when it comes to silliness!

Say "cheese"!

Walking to the grocery store

Trip to the Oregon Zoo! (I just realized I didn't put any pictures of animals on here so you'll have to take my word for it that we really went there!)

We have blackberries that grow between our fence and our neighbor's fence that were in season--I think Grandma actually got a little obsessed with picking them!

Mitch's monster friend wearing his bike helmet


Grandpa on the slide (going "wheeee", as Mitch likes to call it)

Mitch going "wheeee"

At the Hoyt Arboretum. I had never been there before and it's actually really cool, lots of nature but was a little chilly when we were there.

Mitch wanted to touch the tallest tree but, alas, Mom is not tall enough to help.

We only went out for dinner once and Mitch got to use a regular fork! He needed a little coaxing but eventually really enjoyed his macaroni and cheese!

Bike riding with Dad and Grandpa

Mitch has a Thomas the Train book that he got from his other Grandma last year. He just recently has wanted us to read it to him. Grandpa M had a great time reading it and pushing all the sound buttons in all the right places. Sometimes he was more into it than Mitch was!

We went to see a few waterfalls which Mitch loves though he did always want to touch them. He also kept saying "big yaya" (which is Mitch-speak for big water)

This was taken at the last waterfall we went to but Mitch is actually pointing to a train that was going by which he also loves!

Family photo before going to the airport

Mitch at the airport...I think he really wanted to go on the planes instead of just look at them.

Later that day (after everyone had taken a nap) we played outside. Mitch wanted to wear his bike helmet even though we weren't riding bikes.

Maybe in case he wanted to do some extreme sliding!