Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last days of June

Strawberry picking went over very well as you can see here...

Hooray for strawberries!!!

Needless to say, Mitch put more strawberries into his mouth than in the bucket. We had a great time but somehow lost his sunglasses in the field. We tried to go back and look but it was a lost cause.

We did have another pair of sunglasses, they're a little too big but very snazzy. Matt thinks they look like Elvis glasses, maybe Mitch agrees?!

Mitch and Elliot had a playdate and at one point were hiding in the hallway near the elevator. Contrary to what it might look like, they were not in trouble or told to stand in the corners.

Reading with mom

We met up with another one of Mitch's old school friends, Freya, at a park we hadn't been to before. It was pretty cool, good climbing equipment and we got there before it was too busy.

Freya and her mom were on the teeter-totter and Mitch wanted to have a turn as well. But, he didn't want to sit on the opposite side and just decided to hold on to Freya! It was pretty cute and we took lots of pictures!

Barbecue at the Lobdells...before we had kids we always talked about what this would be like (when we had kids). Never did I imagine it would be so hectic! Adults still outnumber children though and at one point all the girls actually were sitting on the porch talking while the boys watched the kids!

Mitch and Jordan taking turns hitting the ball off the tee.

Mitch's new skill

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally a little sun!

Shadow picture of Mitch and Dad

Matt told me Mitch didn't want to say "cheese" for this picture...just more evidence of the ever-emerging opinions on everything!

Looking like such a little boy walking down the street!

This was after Mitch's school had Pajama Day-I love these sock monkey pj's!

Playdate with Elliot

They did a great job playing together, sharing and taking turns. Only needed a little promptimg from moms!

Father's Day dinner. Matt is wearing the tie Mitch made for him at school. Very professional don't you think?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just June

Nothing like a little naked football before bathtime!

Mitch and Elliot went to watch the Dragonboat races last weekend and discovered the joys of the Benson Bubblers. They were fascinated and kept taking turns drinking though they don't quite understand how it works. Pretty cute, though.

Mitch and Elliot sharing Josh's lap

Tuesday we went to the zoo with one of Mom's friends from work and her kids. Here's Mitch in the goat-petting area.

For about a full minute Mitch just stared at this goat saying "Hi" over and over again. He's holding a brush that he then used on some other goats. He had a great time, I was just worried he might try to hug one of them and make them mad!

Leann holding Mitch and her son, Eli. We were pregnant together, due one day apart, but Eli was born 6 days before Mitch. Surprisingly (and sort of sad) this was the first time they had met! They had a great time and I know Mitch would love to play again soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is here---sort of

We had one beautiful day last weekend, we got to sit outside and eat watermelon like it was a real summer day! (the next day was gray and rainy)

Mitch loves all the outdoor tools, he really just likes to carry the rake around right now. Maybe when he gets older he'll do the yardwork!

Mitch was rolling his truck around and offered to give me a massage with it (well, okay, maybe I suggested it)

And then I gave him one!

We had another play date with Mitch's good friend, Gillian. This time we went to OMSI-they have a fairly large room dedicated to kids age 6 and under. This part had air blowing upwards which caused the balls to float in the air. The kids had fun with that and also with just the air blowing in their faces/hair!

They also have a water play area. There are smocks and crocks for the kids to wear if they want but it actually worked out easier for them to just take their shirts and shoes off. So much fun!

Matt, Mitch, Gillian and Craig (Gillian's dad) after playing in the water.

Saying goodbye...

Holding hands while walking to the cars. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of many playdates!

Matt got some pretty cute pictures on his phone one day. Mitch still loves riding the light rail, here he is sitting on the seat by himself.

Getting ready to leave.

Enjoying some outside time with Dad downtown

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day weekend (etc)

So, Mitch had a 5-day weekend last week for Memorial Day. We did lots of playing around the house and some fun activities out of the house (despite the cold, rainy weather). Here is Mitch playing with Mom's old wallet and with dad.

Being semi-shy in the bathroom while Mom was putting on make-up.

We went to a housewarming party and Mitch and Julia had staring contests.

Mitch and Daniel (one of Matt's friends/former co-workers and dad to Julia)

We took a trip to the zoo with Elliot, Brooke and Josh. Here they are eating snacks...

...watching the monkeys...

...and pointing out lots of cool stuff!

Mitch had another playdate with a friend from his old school, Keara. We went to a kid-friendly coffee shop where we thought there was going to be music. Turns out apparently the music man doesn't come on holidays, but the kids had fun playing in the play room.

We also went to the Multnomah County Fair (which we didn't even know existed before). The best part was the ball pit, lined with hay bales. Mitch had a great time walking around the edge, jumping into the balls and letting mom and dad bury him!. We took lots of pics of this part so bear with me while I share a bunch!

This is Mitch's idea of helping Mom fold the laundry-he's wearing a (clean) pair of my scrub pants on his head!