Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year Fun

Super duper tall lego tower!

We got so many good new books for we are reading a Curious George one, I think. Thanks Aunt Caron!

At the zoo with Gillian, riding the tractor.

Apparently cardboard boxes still make for good toys, especially with Corduroy.

Playing with Elliot

We made play-dough the other day. Mitch wanted orange, green, yellow and purple. He wasn't really keen on actually touching it at first but did enjoy squishing all the balls I made for him!

Learning to roll it in his hands

We made a train (sort-of) as Mitch has a fairly large obsession with trains. He wanted it to "go by itself" and I'm not sure he was satisfied with my explanation that it wouldn't because "it's only play-dough".

"Go Pack GO!" Preparing for the Super Bowl!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Mitch trying to drive the truck to go pick out our Christmas tree.

At the tree farm

Helping Dad set up the tree stand

Decorating the tree was pretty fun this year...Mitch actually helped with (for the most part) unbreakable ornaments. He really liked to put them all in the same spot so Mom and Dad had to decorate the rest of the tree!

Putting the star on the top was a bit challenging. First Mitch and Mom tried...

...but we were too short so Dad came to the rescue!


All dressed up after church

So this year instead of a gingerbread house we made a gingerbread train. Mitch was really into decorating it. He picked out which color frosting to put on the engine and the caboose and was pretty good about putting the candy on. And he didn't care too much that we told him not to eat the candy! He did get to eat the cookie part a few days after and really enjoyed it.

Here's our final product along with the example given on the box. We actually used shredded coconut for snow to complete our train!

Christmas morning...evidence that Santa came and ate the cookies we put out for him!

Presents! Here's Mitch with a sandwich made from Aunt Allison's gift...

...acting train conductor with hat, scarf and whistle from Grandma and Grandpa G...

...and loving the sock monkey from Aunt Beth. All the gifts were very well received (we just didn't take/post pictures of all of them because I've already got enough pictures on here!)

Mitch was singing "Twinkle twinkle" to his new bear, Corduroy and rubbing his back (like Mom rubs MItch's back when he's going to sleep). Then he started "the banjo song" which I caught on film!

"I love my trains sooooo much!"

Mitch linked all his new trains together to make a super train (23 cars!). The only hard part is pulling it across the floor while keeping it together.

Showing Charlotte his new trains

Lately Mitch has been wanting to use sidewalk chalk (even when the rain washes it away the next day). He requested a train and helped me decorate this one.

This video is a little dark but Mitch was taking a trip on his train (like a book we have)

The baby doll and stroller from Aunt Caron were a big hit. Here's Mitch "fixing" the stroller with the baby still in it and holding his wooden knife in the other hand. Not quite ready to babysit, but getting close!

Just a few pics of play time-legos...

...taking a walk with Dad (and sporting a Sephora bag)...

...and another new favorite thing--using his step stool from the bathroom to build super mega lego towers!