Saturday, November 16, 2013

August 2013

Playing outside 

Mitch's smile with his 2 bottom teeth missing

Alex at the bottom of a slide at the park. 

Mitch found a tree to climb with some friends when we were at a picnic for school.

We still always try to bring pjs if we know we're going to be out late. We sometimes get lucky and the boys fall asleep in the car on the way home, but that is getting more and more rare!

You never quite know what to expect when leaving an enormous box in the living room.

Wow! A date night!  Matt and I got to go to a friend's wedding (thanks for babysitting, Dana!)

Our classic self portrait

Random zoo picture

One of our favorite things to make Alex do..."how strong are you?"

Mitch and Gillian

Mitch and Jack (a friend from Pre-K) on his last day at school before Kindergarten started

Alex (and toys) in the laundry basket

Hiking in the gorge

This is what a lot of our weekends look like-toys everywhere, someone half naked, a bee costume.  In this particular video, note Mitch has a riding toy (space shuttle) on top of a rocker.  Luckily Alex didn't try that!

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