Friday, November 1, 2013

January 2013

Alex at 9 months

Mitch got a camera for Christmas (our old digital) and was also taking pictures of Alex on his month birthday

Silly Alex

This is the picture that Matt likes to title "Stabby McDishwasher".  Alex was somewhat obsessed with the wooden knives we have for the play food, and also loves the dishwasher.

At Mitch's Pre-K school there was a bear named Pablo that the kids took turns bringing home for a weekend.  Here are some highlights of Pablo's time at our home.  First, eating breakfast with Mitch

We knit a red scarf for Pablo as he was missing his

Coloring with Pablo

And visiting friends.  I love the look on Alex's face in this one!

Alex shaking some's good until the end where he bit my leg!

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